Finance: Business Plans, Evaluations

We conduct consultancy concerned with financial analyses in the broad sense of the term.

Next to standard analyses like evaluations Or business plans, we implement advanced financial models for New investment enterprises, economic prognoses and others.

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Marketing and market research

Preparing marketing and market research strategies is one of the pillars of the activities of NEXUS Consultants.
We design new product offers, implement marketing plans and analyses of the competitive position of enterprises.

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Energy sector / Power industry

NEXUS Consultants is the author of pioneering and unique solutions in terms of selling energy sector products.

Our clients, representatives of energy companies, use our potential in terms of implementing financial analyses, optimizing investment processes, implementing new product offers as well as optimizing utility media consumption.

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EU Funds

In reply to our clients’ growing interest in gaining EU funds, we have expanded the range of our activities in this direction.

We prepare applications for gaining donations and all the necessary analyses that will increase the chances for your business’s success.

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